Things a Landlord Must Do Before Tenants Move in


After tenants screening and selection of the right tenant for your rental property it’s time to do renovation of your property if needed. There are many things that a landlord must do before his tenants move in the property. Below are the things that you must do as a landlord before your tenants move in:


Clean the Property

Cleaning the property is very much important especially if you are doing an apartment turnover, which means there was tenant earlier. Even if your house is a brand new one then also you must clean it before the tenants move in to the property. Make sure the main sections like kitchen, bathroom and toilets are well cleaned.


Repair any Damage

If you are doing an apartment turnover then there are chances that the past tenants have damaged the property so you should thoroughly inspect the property and repair damages if required.


Make Sure Everything Is In Working Order

Check all the appliances and electric whether or not in working in order. And if not, then immediately repair it before tenants will move in.


Change Lock

Safety and security should always be the first. You must not want the old tenants to have the keys of your new tenants’ apartment. Hence change the lock of the doors as soon as possible.


Go Over Lease Agreement and Have Tenant Sign Lease

You must go through the lease agreement of tenant section by section so that they would know the things they are agreeing to. Once you will complete the whole sections and lease agreement then take the sign of your tenants. Keep the original one to yourself and give a copy to the tenant.


Collect the Security Deposit and First Month Rent 

Before your tenants will move into your property you must collect the security deposit that is just equal of the first month rental amount and also the first month rent from your tenants. This must be advance payment by the tenants before they move in to your rental property.


So, these are the things that you must do in your home before the tenants move in. You can also hire professional property management company to manage your property and hire the right tenant for your property and can enjoy peaceful landlordship. If you are having a rental property in Baltimore or anywhere in USA you can hire Baltimore property management company to manage your property in the best way.


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